I have worn identity labels as model, actor, singer, songwriter, artist, poet, mother and wife, all of which were superseded in the moment I remembered who I really AM. I never really liked labels anyway... they have a tendency to stick.


I’ve always considered myself a researcher of Truth. Way back to my childhood I could never accept the explanations I was given to life’s big questions. I just never bought into the “it’s just the way it is” mentality. Somewhere deep inside the core of my being so much didn’t resonate with Truth. 


In my late twenties the hinges on Pandora’s Box started to rattle and by my mid thirties the box exploded with amongst other things a spontaneous psychic awakening. Approaching my mid-life point and four kids later the Universe decided to serve me up a tidal wave guaranteed to shake and turn my perceived reality upside down. The time had arrived for me to confront every program I had in place. One by one the veils started to lift and I felt lighter and free. Finally all my questions were being answered and a new exciting chapter began.


The journey is exhilarating and challenging and continues each day that passes. To say I’m in awe is an understatement. Observing the perfection of all that is, leaves me with wide eyed wonder. The inter-connectedness of all life forces one to look closely at each action and consciously start making choices for the highest good of all. 


Everything is perfect and as it should be, has been my mantra over the last ten years... As you can see I have no letters after my name or recognised qualifications that place me on a pedestal so I can deliver a message from a higher vantage point than you. That I believe is deliberate, for I am you and you are me and my intention in all I do and share is to unify not separate.  

I came into the world the same year that Walt Disney exited, the Sound of Music won the Oscar for best picture and the Earth’s population had exceeded 3.4 billion people. After an agonising 48 hour struggle down the birth canal I thought here I go again, Planet Earth!...hmmm what a ride this is going to be.. I was right!


Blessings to you all