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Strange start to another week here on Planet Earth...the energy of this February Full moon is something to behold, but then again, I am a Pisces, and it's a Virgo moon in Pisces with Venus moving in for extra salsa! Don't worry about what that means...I can't explain it, since I'm not an Astrologer, apart from saying sensitivity overload! Many people have reached out over the last week desperate to understand why past stuff is coming back to haunt them. They all express the same thing..."I was doing so good and now feel like shit!"... Well here's the thing...words like enlightenment, ascension and all the metaphysical information that we were drowning in, especially last year, has created so

Do Not Be Afraid Of Your Darkness

A few months back I was asked to speak at the Embrace Mind and Spirit Festival. When I asked what they would like me to talk about, I was given free reign to discuss anything I felt passionate about...( I was left thinking, "thanks, thats really narrowed it down!" I let it ride, afterall, it was months away. Whenever I set time aside to think about what I may talk about, nothing specific would jump out so I let it go. I let it go, and with time accelerating and all, before I knrew it, I was at the Festival with 5 minutes to go on and speak. My gorgeous mother and unabashed biggest fan whispers in my ear, "Are you ready? Do you know what you're going to say?" I looked at her, neutral of all

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