Trusting The Process

I will walk through fire Plunge into the deepest waters I will surrender to the power of the winds Then fall to my knees and kiss the earth for the experience before disappearing into the ethers and back to Oneness. Ashanti’s Symphony/Copyright © 2012 by Lenita Vangellis. 2016 has brought with it some extraordinary energy, exposing all that had remained hidden thus far, and shocking many out of their comfort zone. Dark Night Of The Soul…. to those that don’t know, it sounds like a Hollywood Horror film, a nightmare one experiences, over one scary night. If that were true, boy would it be easy! This year has been intense on many levels and I have observed a clear cut split between those truly

No Words Needed

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” ― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red I’ve always maintained that energy doesn’t lie and that one doesn’t have to be psychically awake to feel it. We’ve all experienced situations socially and professionally where we meet people and some draw us in, whilst others repel us. Most of the time this is a feeling we get the moment our electromagnetic fields come into contact, they may not have said anything to justify your feeling but you have picked up on something in their field and based on that, have chosen to pull away or gravitate closer. Most people don’t really pay close attention to this form of communication and brush it off most of the

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