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This MasterPeace of storytelling will absolutely touch the hearts and awaken all who are graced and guided to read it!


I've just finished reading this Masterpeace! I couldn't put it down! It's a spellbinding ,electrifying, multidimensional spiritual adventure! A mystical tale of the Self! It took me straight to my cosmic roots and back! Presented as a work of fiction the author has skilfully integrated the powerful wisdom teachings' and universal principles birthing the long prophesised evolutionary Galactic shift of 2012! 
It is an exciting inspiring exponential journey, an alchemical marriage of the sacred with the spiritual -blending science and myth - to awaken the soul into full planetary consciousness! 
I think it's the most adventurous, revelationary undertaking since the legendary early 90s classics propelling us to take the quantum leap of Faith into the unchartered transformational reality of the 21st Century! 
Bless yourself and Read it! 
Shalom! Blessings!

The BeeXxX