Moment By Moment

Strange start to another week here on Planet Earth...the energy of this February Full moon is something to behold, but then again, I am a Pisces, and it's a Virgo moon in Pisces with Venus moving in for extra salsa! Don't worry about what that means...I can't explain it, since I'm not an Astrologer, apart from saying sensitivity overload!

Many people have reached out over the last week desperate to understand why past stuff is coming back to haunt them. They all express the same thing..."I was doing so good and now feel like shit!"...

Well here's the thing...words like enlightenment, ascension and all the metaphysical information that we were drowning in, especially last year, has created some confusion in people...There also seems to be a lot of Spiritual naivety about...There are no magic words, no mantras, no affirmation that will reconnect you instantly with a higher knowing.... It is a process that takes you through many levels of consciousness. As you break through into a higher level of understanding you realise you are at the bottom of that level...and then, more light, more love, assists you in expandingthis understanding until you break through to the next, only to realise, you are at the bottom of that level...are you getting the picture here?......this is why being in the moment is of great importance...we will all get there eventually and what's time in the greater scheme of things? Stop analysing where you are at and just BE there...stop trying to put words into a state of BEING...just BE in that state...Don't get caught up in New Age terms repeating stuff you don't really know about like Polly the Parrot. Knowledge is power, we all know that, but wisdom is only attained when you can take that knowledge and apply it in your experience.

I love the part in Dan Millman's,Way of the Peaceful Warrior when Socrates gives the answer to two simple questions to Dan..."Where are you?" HERE! "What time is it?" NOW!... Every time we feel discomfort we are out of that zone.... this is all we have! This present moment...

I always refer to our experiences as data collection, sounds alien I know, but it really makes sense to me. Why else would we be here? We wanted to experience physicality and all the stuff that comes with that...the full gamut of emotions...Earth is great for that! Once the data on one experience is collected we move onto the next, it no longer holds any appeal. Remember, you are NOT your experience! Onwards and upwards and round and round we go...spiral upon spiral upon spiral, hopefully getting a little closer to home...and back to wholeness.

The love we crave is our essence, and we look for it in everything, it's a bit like looking for your sunglasses only to realise they're on your head.

I guess what I'm saying here is, don't judge whatever it is you're feeling, just feel it...go into a neutral zone, be the observor, give your soul a break from yourself and watch the show from another vantage point. When you're ready for re-entry take the lift down to the heart, bypass the mezzanine level of your head, ego, distraction and noise and start are exactly where you need to be otherwise you would be somewhere else...;)

Everything really is perfect and as it should be...

Full Moon Blessings from my heart to

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