Tune Into The Greatest Show On Earth

When I was a little girl, my father always referred to our HMV television, which sat in a bulky piece of French polished cabintery, as the idiot box. I was never particularly drawn to sitting in front of it and tuning out, although, like many kids of the 70's have watched every episode of The Brady Bunch, Gilligans Island and I dream Of Jeannie. My brother on the other hand loved his television time, so much that my father had taken to removing the picture globe from the back to prevent him from over exposure.

We now have so much more at our disposal and like many urban families, we have a huge array of shows we can tune into at any time of the day. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a fan of television. My disconnection and emotional detachment to this box has rendered it useless to hypnotise me...Occasionally, I want to watch something of interest and may flick through the channels, looking for something that catches my attention. Time and time again, I am assaulted by mind numbing, fear based rubbish that leaves me speechless and I must admit, concerned for those that mindlessly sit and allow themselves to be programmed and stuck in a reality so removed from truth.

As you awaken to higher truths, your prime intent is staying connected to spirit and feeding your soul with energy that nurtures and expands your awareness beyond the five sensory world. The body becomes a vehicle to express through and no longer has control over your BE-ing. Instant gratification holds no appeal for the awakened soul.

Last night I wanted to drift off watching something inspiring, possibly on the Lifestyle channel. I love watching shows like Grand Designs, seeing people have a dream, and slowly, through many adversities creating it. There wasn't anything on so I moved onto the movie channel.

I was struck by the subliminal messages designed to keep people connected to their body like it's the be all and end all, as I changed from one film to the next. The sexual references designed, not to assist one to reach higher levels of experience, but rather to keep one locked into a base chakra reality were mind boggling. REally?...What an insult to our magnificence! There are of course films that are very inspiring, they just weren't being screened last night. I am speaking here about the majority of shows that get the ratings. From super wealthy, surgically enhanced, disempowered women, cat fighting over the most mundane things whilst drinking a bottle of something that could feed a family of four for 2 weeks, to a panel of people ripping shreds into others and their outfit of choice....OMG!!!! If I owned a gun I'd probably have an Elvis moment and blast that box to smithereens then sing, I did it my way!

As we move into a new paradigm, the best thing anyone can do is turn off the idiot box. Switch off from anything trying to tell you who you are, what you need to do to be beautiful, successful, abundant, WHATEVER! Tune into the station that TRANSMITS from a higher place and let the show begin! You are the writer, director and producer of your reality...THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

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