Temple Of The Soul

What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful that the garment with which it is clothed? ~Michelangelo

I am a spiritiual being with a body that's on loan that enables me to express my essence through it...and over the last decade my energy has gone more into my essence than my vehicle. I love and honour my body but know I am not my body... "your body is a temple of the holy spirit within you" , someone once wrote this in a best selling book..;)

Yesterday I was treated to five hours of pampering that took me on a trip through time... It was a little after midday when I walked through the doors of a sanctuary designed to disconnect one from the world outside. I was greeted quietly by a young woman that took the role of humble servant to a whole other level. I swear I felt her bow down to me as I approached her. She gently guided me through a doorway that led me into a hallway that felt like an underground labyrinth. We eventually got to the door of the space she called my treatment room and asked me to decloak, and put on the fluffy robe that was perfectly folded and placed on a pedestal with a glass of water and a mint on the side. I paused and took in the ambience of the room....sounds of nature filtered through the air and I felt my heart beat change. I was seated on a comfortable arm chair and asked to soak my feet in a bowl with various magical ingredients floating in it, flowers and herbs carresed my feet as she knelt before me and began to wash them in a way that felt sacred. I closed my eyes and felt myself floating back to another place and time. Before I could be led anywhere her soft voice interuppted my thoughts, "I would like you to smell these three essences and choose the one that you would like me to use throughout your treatment today". She carefully lifted the first vial underneath my nose, I breathed it in and sighed. Moments later the second vial was presented to me and then the third. The scents wafting out of the second vial spoke loudly to me and so I went with vial number two, it's name was Clarity...Clarity and I were going on a journey..

A bed was prepared for me to lay on, I was struck by the way she communicated with me so clearly without invading my personal space with her eyes, she cast her eyes downward and reminded me of something in my soul's timeline once again. As I lay down she began to apply a mixture of salts and desert lime mixed with Mimosa and ginseng and strategically covered and rubbed this all over my body, removing the shielding our bodies create over time...I'm talking about dead skin here...lol. I was then guided into the shower room to wash off before the next stage of my treatment. It was at this point that the experience went to a whole other level.

She began to paint my body with hot Macadamia and Olive oil scented with Clarity and wrapped my body in hot towels...I could feel this infusion penetrating deep within the layers of my skin. As I lay there wrapped like a mummy, she began to massage my head, the dimly lit room got darker as she placed a weighted eye pillow with the scent of heaven infused in its fabric. ...

I drifted off to another time, remembering a ritual that prepared my body for a sacred ceremony...I was back there, the scents, the sounds, the souls.....the memory was interrupted again and not a moment too soon as I was seriously getting lost in time..."I'm going to leave you now to soak in the bath, I will knock once on the door to alert you to get out and ready for your massage". She left the room and I stepped into the prepared bath, a large spa positioned in the corner of the room, the sweet elixir in the water was hypnotising...my eyes could stay open no longer...off I went again...I heard the gentle purr of a lion, seconds before she knocked once as she said she would...

This was no beauty treatment, this was an experience that brought back fragments of my soul...the experience continued as she pampered every inch of my body. I emerged five hours later, glossier, shinier and floating, certain I could walk on water...She offered me an organic herbal tea before I departed, I told her that wouldn't cut it, I needed a jolt back to reality..."where can I get a double shot espresso?"...She humbly laughed and opened the door for me to exit, bowing as I left...

I felt like a temple, freshly washed, translucent and glistening in the afternoon sun...I felt like now my soul could be seen clearer than before....

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