Lifting The Veils

(Article from OPA Magazine)

I’ve always considered myself a researcher of truth. Way back to my childhood I could never really accept the explanations I was given to life’s big questions and believe me I was full of them. I couldn’t accept the, “it’s just the way it is” mentality. Somewhere deep inside the core of my being so much didn’t resonate with Truth. I instinctively felt there was a whole universe beyond what I could touch, taste, smell, see or hear.

In my late twenties the hinges on Pandora’s Box started to rattle and by my mid thirties the box exploded with amongst other things a spontaneous psychic awakening. Approaching my mid life point and four kids later the universe decided to serve me up a tidal wave guaranteed to shake and turn my life upside down! And that it did.

The time had arrived for me to confront every conscious and unconscious program I had in place. Each and every belief that shaped my reality floated to the surface allowing me to see truth more clearly. One by one the veils started to lift and I felt lighter and free. Finally the answers to all my questions were being answered and a new exciting chapter began.

The journey is exhilarating and challenging and continues each day that passes. To say I’m in awe is an understatement. Observing the perfection of all that is, leaves me with wide eyed amazement. The inter-connectedness of all life forces one to look closely at each action and consciously start making choices for the highest good of all.

I have worn identity labels as model, actor, singer, songwriter, artist, poet, mother and wife, all of which were superseded in the moment I remembered who I really AM. I never really liked labels anyway... they have a tendency to stick.

As you can see I have no letters after my name or recognised qualifications that place me on a pedestal so I can deliver a message from a higher vantage point than you, the reader. That I believe is deliberate for I am you and you are me and my intention is to unify not separate. The days of the guru are over, we no longer need to be led as we allow miracles to come through in the knowing that we are each our own guiding light.

Although I’ve been assisting people as an Energetic Practitioner for over eight years now I refuse to be labelled and thereby limit my limitless, expanding nature. If I had to choose a label I was comfortable with it would have to be Lightworker. A lightworker is someone who recognises that they are divine light and is consciously working and co-creating towards a New Earth from a place of unconditional love. One who acknowledges that they have a sacred mission and are acutely aware of the power of their thoughts and their effect on matter. One who feels they are in service to a grand plan for this planet.

In my life I come into contact with people from all walks of life and the thing that strikes me most in conversation is how their eyes light up when I share an alternative viewpoint to their reality.

Whether I’m talking about meditation, vibrational healing, past lives or the shifts occurring on our planet today and how that affects us, I’m most often faced with wide eyed stares and intrigue. There was a time where one wouldn’t even consider voicing views on these subjects from fear of being burnt at the stake but thank God that’s changed. To me and the people close to me it’s become the norm and nothing out of the ordinary, but for most it’s “what are you talking about and tell me more”.

We can no longer plead ignorance to any issue relating to the Souls journey. Information and knowledge is all around us, especially with the worldwide web. We don’t need to meet with secret societies to have access to ancient truths and be covert in our search for these truths.

Why are we now, at this point in time, finally entertaining the possibility of a MIND-BODY-SOUL connection ?

We are living in extremely challenging unprecedented times in human evolution. People all over this planet are desperate to know if there is more than we have been programmed to believe as our “reality”.

Could our reality in fact be an illusion?

Are we witnessing a mass awakening of the Human race?

I would like to invite you on a journey which offers other possibilities…… Spirituality, metaphysics and esoteric wisdom is not a path for the weird ones outside society who burn incense and OM all day, questions surrounding our spirituality and existence are affecting all of us, every day, whether we are conscious of it or not. This column will explore the possibilities of other realities thru my eyes and the amazing people who have crossed my path, lovingly sharing their wisdom and insights and changing my life forever. JOY, LOVE and ABUNDANCE are our divine birthright but why are so many of us disconnected from that reality?

My crazy life in the suburbs with a big family doesn’t give me the luxury of uninterrupted meditation whilst burning incense on a mountain top. I couldn’t just take off and head for the highlands in Tibet to Eat, Pray and Love. I had to find all the answers within. My geographical location and circumstantial reality could not be used an excuse to keep me disconnected from my spirit any longer.

So often people refer to spirituality as something outside of who they are...”I don’t have time to meditate ... I’d love to get into that fascinating stuff”... It is in the everyday that we have opportunities to awaken to truth and finally remember who we really are. Spirit is what we are, magnificent energetic beings that have a vehicle (body) on loan for different periods of time to experience this plane. So many have bought into the “I’m only human” program and limit themselves and their magnificence in doing so. We are spirit having a human experience not humans trying to be spiritual! We are powerful creators and our creations are only limited by our own imagination, thoughts and beliefs. The only reason we aren’t walking on water is because we don’t believe we can.

“Everything is perfect and as it should be” has been my mantra over the last ten years... and I have managed to maintain the vibration of these words through some of the most challenging adversities. When everything is going smoothly in one’s life, it’s very easy to say these words and feel them to be true but when we truly know that everything really is perfect and as it should be we are able to see a bigger picture unfolding even when we are faced with crises.

For all the sceptics out there Science is finally converging with spirituality and acknowledging the frequency of love as a measurable phenomenon. Gregg Braden, a visionary that has been at the forefront of bridging Science with Spirituality says “all adversity is an opportunity to show our mastery”...We are all masters suffering from amnesia. The moment we were born into a world of fear our power was forgotten. Our hard drives were infiltrated and fear based software was downloaded.

Energy is everywhere, we are bathing in a sea of energy every moment in every day.

Love is a frequency, a vibration. It is a very high vibration, and looks very different on a graph to the lower frequency of fear. In each and every moment of our lives we create from one of these two frequencies and most people do not realise just how much fear programming they have running their show. You don’t need to be a Quantum Physicist to know the difference. If you are feeling light and joyful and everything is flowing in your life positively regardless of how it might seem to others then love is what’s steering your ship. If you feel restriction, sadness, depression, anger and in fact any negativity at all, rest assured Captain Fear is in the driver’s seat. The vibration of Love empowers... Fear disempowers.....Love is expansion....Fear is restriction..... Something is occurring on our planet and it is indeed a pivotal moment in Earth’s history. We are moving from being five sensory humans living a linear time space reality to becoming multi-sensory, multi-dimensional beings of light. Everything is changing, even our physiology. Each and every one of us is being affected by the influx of energy being poured onto our beautiful mother Earth.

We are experiencing the closing of a grand cycle of 26 000 years on Earth and as members of the human race we are being presented with the rare opportunity to tune into a station that was previously accessible to very few. Unconditional love and joy, unity, reverence for all life forms, the end of polarity, good and bad, dark and light...all transmuted into oneness and all that is. The time is NOW. Each of us can embrace the magnificence of who we really are, reclaiming our divinity with grace.

Silencing our minds and travelling into the recesses of our hearts is the hardest journey we’ll ever take. Releasing our need for personal power, becoming fully accountable for all our actions and thoughts eventually clears all victim consciousness from our electromagnetic fields. As we begin to step beyond the realm of self obsession we will ultimately be led to the doorway of compassion and begin to finally see and know our own magnificence.

This is a time for truth and integrity. It is calling each and every one of us to honour ourselves through and through. It is a time to pave our own path with honesty, boldness and belief. The journey is exciting and challenging! I am grateful for every opportunity to show my mastery… and in the words of Gregg Braden we’ve only just begun “Walking between the Worlds”! Hold on… it’s going to be quite a ride!

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