You Were Here All Along

Be guided...listen to your inner your instinct... how often does one hear these phrases only to be left wondering where this universal voice of wisdom resides? And where was it when I was heading for disaster? Why didn't it show me the STOP sign?

The challenge we all face in this human experience is keeping connected to who we really are and I have come to know that we are much more than flesh , blood and bone. We existed before we came into this world and will continue to exist when we leave. The energy of the soul is so powerful that only a splinter of it comes through during an incarnation to be housed in a body. Where is the rest of it? Where is the part that houses the accumulative wisdom of the Universe?

It is normal for most to feel they have been abandoned by this extraordinary aspect of self, especially in a world that is designed to keep you focused on the body, your identity and disconnected from your spirit. I certainly felt abandoned by this higher self in my early years or did I?

Recently I recalled a period in my life as I entered my early 20's. By far, the worst years ever for me, as years of suppressing an alternative reality came flooding to the surface. I began to manifest physical symptoms that prompted me to seek medical attention, that's what we do in modern society. The symptoms were all consuming and endless. Blackouts, heart palpitations, vertigo, dizziness, extreme lethargy, and strange hive like marks that would come and go. I was subjected to many tests, possible causes were thrown around the table, all that were sitting in the realm of scary! Finally I was diagnosed with suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome together with some other unknown ailment (they hadn't named it yet) and sent to a Specialist for treatment and management. I sat in this Doctors room obediently listening to what he had to say when I became aware of a voice coming from somewhere I could not pinpoint. It was singing lalalalalalalalalalallaalalallaa DON'T LISTEN TO HIM so loudly that the doctors words were drowned out by this incessant. loud, powerful voice out of nowhere. It seemed like it was blocking this doctors projections towards me of a life that would need to be carefully monitored and managed. At that point I couldn't even begin to entertain the thought that this was another aspect of me, it HAD to be some other divine force, after all I'm just a little human, with all the limitations that come with the title. The consultation ended and I paid the fee of over $200 to the receptionist and walked out. My inner dialogue went something like this..."There is nothing wrong with you, this too shall pass...don't give it any energy...see yourself as whole and perfectly healthy...your body knows what to do, YOU ARE PERFECT!"

Now the symptoms didn't leave me instantly, they persisted, and I observed them, completely emotionless because for some unknown reason I completely trusted this phantom voice that felt like an old friend. One day, not too long afterwards, every single symptom disappeared. Where was this guidance, voice of wisdom, coming from? Was this my Higher Self, my I Am Presence? I hadn't even heard of such a thing back then but it was there. It made frequent visits and I began to listen as it always guided me to do what didn't always seem logical, but was fueled by something much more powerful than logic. I trusted it completely.

Is this what they mean by connecting with your divinity? Acknowledging your sovereign self? Whatever you want to call it I'm glad I listened and dared to venture into a reality so far removed from all I was programmed to believe...

We are far more powerful than we are led to believe....and this is just the beginning...

Mighty I AM Take Command! It Is Done!..

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