Wish Granted!

(Article from OPA Magazine)

A few weeks ago I received a strange request that left me both surprised and elated. I was asked if I could help a team of teenage soccer players that had recently experienced a bad run with games. It was a series of mishaps that included injuries, illness and disappointing calls from referees that they believed to be biased.

“We’ve been jinxed, cursed...”. This is the belief that had slowly infiltrated this bunch of future Maradona’s. The psyche of each and every boy had downloaded this disempowering thought, it spread like wild fire, leaving them all feeling deflated. To the credit of the open minded adults guiding them, they realised that this would take more than another pep talk from their inspiring, selfless coach. There was something bigger going on here, but where do they start when that something is not tangible. They were asking for divine intervention, they needed someone who could perceive things beyond the five senses.

I always giggle at that thought, and have observed that only after all logical avenues have been explored does anyone dare to venture outside of that. It’s kind of back to front in my view, but the fact remains, that finally people are daring to step outside the box of their perceived reality. William James said, “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows”.

I didn’t take this request lightly and understood the responsibility that came with it. I needed to meditate carefully, and trust that I would be guided towards a solution for them. How could I help? What is really going on here? No sooner did I ask myself these questions, that the answers were downloaded in a flash.

All disempowerment has at its core a lack of knowledge in the Human Energy System. These boys needed to understand that they are so much more than flesh, blood and bone. They needed to understand what is powering their vehicle (body), and how their thoughts shape their reality, especially the one about them being cursed!

Most people go through life never acknowledging the powerful gift of energy and the authentic power that comes from understanding how to utilise it consciously for the highest good of all. All humans could use a crash course in this subject; after all, nothing silences the voice of the victim better than this knowledge. Once we’re able to take responsibility for everything we experience we have no choice other than to stop blaming everything and everyone else around us. Everything is made up of energy, we are swimming in it regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. It’s everywhere! Energy is the building block of all matter. We are constantly exchanging and communicating energetically all day, every day, even without opening our mouths. Some of us do this consciously and others unconsciously.

The human body is filled with cells containing energy. The molecules inside each cell are made up of atoms with protons, neutrons and electrons. Sub-atomic particles make up the atoms and these sub-atomic particles are pure energy. So our bodies are pure energy swimming in an ocean of energy that connects everything. We are not separate entities disconnected from the whole at the mercy of a supreme being playing with us like pawns on a chess board. So based on this premise, how we behave, how we think and feel will be vibrating into this field of energy that either directly or indirectly affects everything and everyone within it. If we took this one step further it means that the way we think and feel can change this world for the better or as we’ve seen, for the worse. Our vibrating positive energy has an effect on those around us and that ripples out further and further. The state of the world is a result of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Outside the physical body we have an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF), or Human Energy Field (HEF), or the aura. This field not only surrounds, but penetrates the physical body as well. Regardless of how attuned you are at perceiving energy, everyone has at some point in their life felt it. Have you ever come into contact with someone and just got a vibe about them? This person hasn’t spoken to you or done anything out of the ordinary, you just got a vibe. What does that really mean?...Vibe?...short for vibration. Vibration of what? Their frequency, that’s what. You received information energetically. This is transmitted from within our subconscious most of the time; our subconscious is what’s running our show.

The state of the physical body depends heavily on the energetic field of the individual. It is not possible for disease to manifest in the physical when the aura is clear and strong. Dis-Ease means out of ease, imbalanced. Discordant energy starts in the EMF, often gets ignored by most, and only gets our attention when it finally affects the physical, sometimes mildly and sometimes aggressively. Wouldn’t it be better if we were finely tuned to our personal energy field, feeling the imbalance and clearing it well before it hits our bodies?

Our thoughts have great impact on our EMF and come from two different sides of the frequency spectrum. High frequency, which modulates at a very rapid rate and encompasses all the feel good emotions, is Love. Low frequency which modulates at a very slow rate comes from fear. Anxiety, depression, jealousy, and anger just to name a few, all have at their core fear. Fear cripples us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our vibrational frequency is what programs our physical bodies and the reality we experience.

Now how does any of this help this team of soccer players? One of the boys asked me if I thought they were cursed. They waited with baited breath for my answer, I paused deliberately before answering, feeling like Pythia, the Oracular Priestess of Delphi. I leaned forward towards him and stated very clearly, “It doesn’t matter what I think, what matters is what you think and if you think you are cursed then you are”. The silence was deafening. I proceeded to share a story told to me many years ago by a wonderful man named Rob Wergin that demonstrates clearly how thoughts and/or words charged with emotion creates our reality, and that energy, follows thoughts.

The wizard is a magical being above us hearing every word we speak and every thought we think. This wizard goes by many other spiritual names but that’s not what’s important. What is important is that he loves us unconditionally and only desires the best for us. Now we all have free will to choose and because of this, the wizard’s job is to grant every wish. He listens to our words, he listens to our thoughts and grants it all to us. Wish Granted! Be it done as you believe! Now just stop for a second and think about this...

Do you intend for every word and thought to be granted? Add the words Wish Granted to the end of every thought or sentence and notice what happens....Are you really wishing for that?

“I feel sick”...Wish Granted! “I am broke”...Wish granted! Or one I’ve seen so terribly overused on social networks...FML!...Wish Granted! Hmmmmm really?...changes things right?

I cringe whenever I hear anyone saying things like that because I have become acutely aware of how we create and I choose to create what I really want to experience, not what I don’t. I cannot remember the last time I said or even thought, “I feel sick” and inadvertently cannot remember the last time I was sick.

Now it’s not easy to empty out our hardrives of all the disempowering thoughts that manifest as realities but once we become conscious of what we are putting out to this matrix we are no longer surprised by what we experience. We become instead, powerful conscious creators.

The lessons presented to these boys armed them with knowledge and a limitless possibility of what they could create. I needed to customise this energy talk and speak to them in the language of the game, focusing in particular on them as athletes that were part of a team. After showing them graphically what a strong auric field looks like and comparing it to one that is struggling to contain life force energy they started to understand that physical training was not going to be enough, this vehicle of theirs required life force energy to perform in peak condition and potentially protect them from unnecessary injury on the soccer field. Their eyes lit up with wonder and awe. One boy in particular, renowned for going head to head in pubescent Alpha male mode with the refs, wanted to understand energetically what happens when he went into this knee jerk reaction time and time again. The look on his face was priceless as I clearly showed him the energetic environment of what he was creating, not just for himself but the entire team.

Firstly, arguing with the ref was a clear power and control struggle, I explained to him that regardless of how long he argued, apart from feeling that he was hard core, (a delusion in itself) he was never going to reverse the refs decision. In the process of arguing angrily he was flooding his body with low frequency, slowly leaking life force energy that then spread to the rest of the team who felt his energy and were affected by this in varying degrees. The spectators watching from the sideline were projecting their thoughts and feelings into this energetic soup towards him as well. What a creation!

When he stepped outside himself and viewed the scenario from this perspective the penny dropped. I gently suggested to him an alternative. Wouldn’t it be a wiser choice for all, if you chose to accept the refs decision, good or bad, grounded your energy, expanded your field and continued playing the game, this time firing on all cylinders as this powerful energy fuelling your body was given an upgrade, that by the way, would spread to the rest of the team as well? You have a much better chance of playing a truly awesome game of soccer from this standpoint than the other one.

We see these scenarios played out daily, in our personal life, business life, school playgrounds, it’s everywhere. Unconscious interactions that create less than desirable outcomes. We cannot change anything or anyone other than ourselves, so instead of going into defensive mode desperately trying to make the other be or do what you want, change what you can, your response, your attitude, because ultimately that’s all you can control.

We have free will, and are faced with choices in each and every moment of our lives. As each of us become conscious of our own energy field and what we choose to put out to those around us, taking full responsibility for our creations, then we will all fully know the power we have to change the world...After all, we are all players and part of a team on this huge field in the cosmos called Earth, let’s stop arguing with the refs, play an awesome game and kick some goals instead!

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