Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Delusion?

(Article from OPA Magazine)

I was standing at the highest point of the majestic landscape of Atlantis, the sound Temples stood proudly behind me. My body was tense and the pending destruction I sensed was tearing at my heart and ripping it to shreds...I looked down at him, searching for an answer, yearning for comfort. His gaze penetrated my heart and with the knowing of a wise one he stated “There is no end the blink of an eye we’ll be together and I...One. © Lenita Vangellis- ASHANTI’S SYMPHONY

Where does one begin to write about a subject that has stirred wild debate and provoked hostility between Philosophers, Scholars and Archaeologists for hundreds of years? Andrew Collins (Gateway to Atlantis) states that, ‘Atlantis, next to God, is the most written about, debated, abused and ridiculed concept on our planet. More books have been written about Atlantis than any other subject except the Bible.

Sitting here sipping on my latte, I can’t help but wonder if Plato, who wrote the first known account of Atlantis, circa 355 B.C, had any idea of the long lasting effects of his writing and the controversy and incredible interest that is still alive today.

Many believe that it was a fictional piece with the intention to impart moral lessons for the Greeks at that time. If that is true, then there is something eerily familiar with the primary moral lesson in the Atlantean story. Greed and the quest for military domination violates the link between humanity and divinity.... Hmmmmm, interesting huh?

People are starting to question the known history of the world something Plato did all those years ago, ‘by asserting that the known history of the world was far from complete and that periodic cataclysmic destructions had wiped the memory of countless events from human knowledge’.

There have been and there will be many and diverse destructions of mankind, of which the greatest are by fire and water, and lesser ones by countless other means...but the truth of it lies in the occurrence of a shifting of bodies of the heavens which move round the earth, and a destruction of the things of the earth by fierce fire, which recurs at long intervals. (Timaeus 22 C-D)

These words have proven to be frighteningly accurate as Science has now discovered. Atlantis is a subject that many have filed away in the box of Mythology. It is ‘just a story’ that has been passed down through the ages and doesn’t stir opinion, let alone emotion, in the hearts of those that hear it. I am not one of these people. Atlantis is in my heart and the memory of this time in pre-recorded history held the key to my deepest wounds as I discovered a few years ago.

In 1987, I had relocated together with my eighteen month old baby boy to Los Angeles. During this adventurous time in my life I experienced my first earthquake, (in this life, anyway) and my response to this event that registered 6.5 on the Richter scale was nothing short of Greek tragedy, melodrama at its best! My fellow “Los Angelians” laughed and ridiculed me, not being able to understand why I was so deeply traumatised, and at that time, I didn’t know either. All I knew, was feeling the earth move under my feet triggered memories, which up until that point in time, I had no reference for. I recall receiving images of another life, vivid flashbacks and the memories felt so intensely personal. It was freaking me out since I was faced with strange stares every time I tried to express what I was feeling. I quickly realised it might be best for me to just shut up and keep it all to myself, secretly hoping that it was just my imagination.

Over the months and years that followed the memories faded into the background, that is, until fifteen years later when Pandora’s box exploded in my face! Changing everything I thought was reality. Clear accurate memories that were undisputedly mine surfaced and I remembered things from lives past that I could never imagine, not in my wildest dreams.

I do realise that I’m ‘chucking a Shirley Maclaine here, and going out on a limb’ but I’m at a stage in my life where judgement from others doesn’t concern me and besides, like Plato, there’s more to sharing these insights with the outside world, now more than ever before.

Atlantis was a divine experiment that lasted 240 000 years, and went through various stages. The whole purpose was to see if souls could live in a physical body and still keep their connection with All That Is (God, Source, Creator). For a period of 1500 years the people of Atlantis maintained their oneness and purity and enjoyed the most extraordinary spiritual, psychic and technological powers. This is the period referred to as The Golden Age of Atlantis. As time passed they longed to experience all that physicality had to offer and so it was decided that they would go deeper into matter, knowing that this would be even more challenging, now that emotion and sexuality came into the equation.

It is said that the Temple of Poseidon, sometimes referred to as The Cathedral of the Sacred Heights, contained the Sacred Crystal which was a generator crystal of Atlantis. This temple represented one of seven peaks. These peaks symbolised the Seven Pillars of the Universe, which are also the Seven Spiritual laws that govern humanity.

The Law of One The Law of Karma The Law of Manifestation The Law of Grace The Law of Responsibility The Law of Unconditional Love The Law of Intention

The Atlanteans knew that everything, including stones, crystals, trees, plants and animals were all a beautiful manifestation of divine life force, All is God. They honoured and respected every single thing, understanding that everything was a part of the divine order of things. This was mirrored back to them even with objects that we consider inanimate today. I recall the reverence for the plant life and have shared and practice this with my children today. Before cutting fruit from a tree, taking a moment to be grateful for this gift of nourishment and asking permission telepathically from the living breathing plant before cutting the fruit. Psychically you can see the tree pulling back the life force energy from the branch before you cut it.

Crystals were widely used in ways that would blow the mind of humans today. They could be programmed and store knowledge and information, just like the computers of today. The healing temples of Atlantis used specific stones and sounds for treating different ailments and the Priestesses were highly skilled in this area. Crystals were a focal piece in most structures and were connected through an energy grid to the master crystal. Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?

The feminine and masculine energies were perfectly balanced and the wisdom of the female was greatly honoured and admired, there was no power and control between genders. The Golden Age of Atlantis was a civilisation so intensely beautiful and harmonious that I often lose myself in the memory during meditation. For many reasons that would require a thesis to explain, and even then be incomplete, Atlantis began to devolve as the allurement of the senses tempted them away from their spiritual wisdom and into the illusions of the flesh. This occurred due to external interference by darker energy forces. They seduced the Atlanteans with promises of wealth and power, redirecting them from heart based living to a life controlled by the intellect and ego. They were responsible for introducing hierarchical structures into society, transforming the once love based Atlanteans to servants of the ego.

The world we live in today is still reeling under the effects of their manipulation. Their actions resulted in the mutation of humanity, physically and spiritually. They eliminated the codes of Oneness and replaced them with codes of separation and fear based hierarchical control where strife and warfare reigned supreme. Humanity has lived this collective trauma for long enough, don’t you think?

Our world has reached crux point, we all know that, but what do we do about it? Regardless of whether you think Atlantis is fact, fiction or that I’m downright crazy, do we shrug our shoulders and say, it’s out of our hands? Or do we reconnect with that all knowing part of us, that craves love, peace, harmony and reverence for all life and radiate it out to everything every day?

My Atlantean memories have reconnected me with a bigger part of my soul and served as a heart opener as I navigate life in 2011, doing whatever I can to transmute fear in my path and in the hearts of others. I pray every night that Atlantis will rise and as we enter the Aquarian Age, we will all collectively step into the Golden Age of a New Earth.

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