Thinking Out Loud

Approaching the forty sixth year of my life I look back at the wealth of experience and full gamut of emotions that I have lived...I have questioned, dared to rebel, stood alone ,and often had no f*^**n idea what this is all about.... It's kind of funny really because at the end of it all it's really just about Being....I have reached a stage where I am uninterested in any system of dogma and concepts...

Some of the most inspiring people I have met are not aligned with any particular belief system.. There is a danger of narcissism in every locked down concept, including what we have come to know as Spirituality.... there are many reasons why people attach themselves to the idea of being spiritual (the label itself is limiting)...often its a way for them to feel good about themselves while not doing anything of importance...unrealistic notions can keep one from positively contributing to this web of experience here on earth...All I have learned has enriched my life without having to consciously think about any one thing...there is no need to fit in with a certain group of people, or reach any particular goal...real or imagined... comes down to my rejection of labels...and the need to just BE...that's what we're here to figure out...JUST BE....

I have no interest in hiding behind concepts about what spirituality should be, or what it should look or feel like....It really doesn't matter if you have an understanding of the multi dimensional workings of the Universe...whether you acknowledge and know the names of the masters and what ray they are connected to..whether you remember past lives and how expansive your spiritual vocabulary is...what really matters is that you are living, that you are joyful and love is your guiding light....the ones that have moved me are unconsciously conscious THAT'S a state to BE in!

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