No Words Needed

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

I’ve always maintained that energy doesn’t lie and that one doesn’t have to be psychically awake to feel it. We’ve all experienced situations socially and professionally where we meet people and some draw us in, whilst others repel us. Most of the time this is a feeling we get the moment our electromagnetic fields come into contact, they may not have said anything to justify your feeling but you have picked up on something in their field and based on that, have chosen to pull away or gravitate closer. Most people don’t really pay close attention to this form of communication and brush it off most of the time.

Animals on the other hand, are highly evolved in this area. In the absence of speech, they rely on their perception of subtle energy not only to receive but to also transmit information.. It’s an innate survival trait that most pet owners will testify to.

I have experienced the clarity in energetic communication powerfully with my beloved fur baby, Ashtar. I have also taken to experimenting with direct telepathic communication; he hears my transmission clearly and responds as though I have spoken. I’m talking about specific requests that I transmit to him in thought, like, ‘go get the red toy from outside’ . His ears change, he shuffles on the spot, looks at me again, almost like he needs me to repeat my thought, which I do, and then bolts outside, bypasses the ball and the blue chewy bone and brings back the red toy. At first I thought, hmmm coincidence but I tried this again and again and ended up with the same result. If there is a house full of people, the energetic cocktail is too much for him to hear just my thoughts, needless to say my telepathic transmissions are not received as clearly in these moments.

He is acutely sensitive to the subtle energy field and responds accordingly; sometimes to the embarrassment of those he gently pulls away from, as he simultaneously sends a message to back off by lowering his head and looking at them with an intense stare. His discomfort is not necessarily due to a character flaw in another person but most times he picks up distortions in their field that is clearly dense and makes him uneasy. In their defence, he is a pretty Zen dog that listens to Deva Premal and Devayani most days…:P

A few weeks ago I was feeling a little melancholic, withdrawn and just needed solitude. I also felt the need to cry, not for any particular reason but more like an exercise of release.

I plonked myself down on the bottom step of my lounge room where Ashtar hangs out, conscious not to emit what I was feeling out into the space of my home. I just wanted to observe it and give it the attention it deserved before clearing it out of my system.

Moments later, Ashtar approached with intent and purpose, sat on his haunches and just stared at me. He made no attempt to get my attention, he just sat bolt upright with perfect posture and stared. After about five minutes of this, which is a long time for a dog, he gently lifts himself up on his back legs and placed one paw on my right shoulder and then began to stroke my face with the other paw. Soft, deliberate, strokes of comfort. His action triggered tears of joy as I looked into his eyes. I was deeply moved by the sensitivity and knowing he possessed, it was a deep compassion that is absent in most humans. I didn’t speak, I was not acting out, I was just sitting with my feeling. My four legged soul mate, not only picked up on my energy, but he knew exactly how to approach me, and to cap it off, how to heal the state I was in.

No human has ever been able to shift my state instantaneously like that. Ashtar is my greatest teacher. He is my living, breathing example of joy, presence, loyalty, love, friendship and non-expectation. Grateful to call him my friend… *insert tail wag*

Maybe we should all try to be present enough to feel all that isn't said, afterall it's that which is unspoken that often holds the key to the greatest insights...

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