Balanced Being

Men need to embrace the feminine with courage and women need to wear the masculine with grace.

The human condition always evokes such extreme emotion in me and it has always been that way ever since I can remember. As a Piscean, ugliness towards any life form always leaves me feeling gutted. I feel it instantly in my solar plexus, like a fisherman’s knife on a fish spluttering on the deck of a boat. I now understand it from a bigger picture perspective but the dormant saviour archetype wishes I could take it all away at times. This I know is not necessarily in the highest good and since I invoke the highest good of all, I graciously accept the perfection of all that’s playing out in the world regardless of how it may look.

The Earth experience has always been about duality, the two extremes of this emotional experience, and it has provided us all with the full spectrum of energy, fear through to love, all in the name of data collection. As we move into a more awakened state and reconnect with our essence, our higher selves, we begin to bridge the separation that has always been part of this sojourn. Part of that process is merging our masculine and feminine regardless of the physical body we are currently residing in. We may still express primarily and identify as one or the other but it’s in a far more ‘whole’ way.

I’ve always resisted movements or groups dedicated to the divine feminine, it has always felt incomplete to me, part of an old paradigm. I acknowledge the divine feminine has for a very long time, been supressed on this planet and for the most part we have all been living in a one sided patriarchal system that clearly has brought about the gross imbalances we have all experienced. Now’s the time to bring these two together, and not lean towards one or the other, for alone, they are still one half of a whole.

Any form of ugliness we see expressed from both males and females can only come from one completely disconnected from their divinity. The issue of domestic violence highlights this in such a poignant way. The focus from the media is always on the female as victim but spare a thought for all the men out there, who in most cases are too embarrassed to report incidents of domestic violence. Many tend to their bleeding heads in silence... a disconnected wounded soul capable of ugliness can reside in both vehicles, male and female... we need to get beyond genders and focus on the root cause. Unity calls for an integration of all that we perceive as separating us. Men need to embrace the feminine with courage and women need to wear the masculine with grace. Honouring the divine in everything has an effect on the whole and it starts with the individual. When we can look at ourselves, at each other, and focus on the light that we are, the light residing within our chosen bodies, everything begins to shift. Afterall, it's the light that is eternal, not our physicality. Aren’t we tired of one sided arguments that focus blame on one or the other?

As I quickly scan through social media newsfeeds, every day there is something new being highlighted, equality for this, protection for that, awareness for this and that. Can we just cut to the chase and deal with it all in one clean swipe?! (Okay, It's a long shot I know) but Unconditional love heals all of these maladies. The energy on this planet at the moment is certainly supporting change and a stripping down of the old programs, so what are you resisting? If you are reading this, I’m speaking directly to you. So before you go down the path of highlighting those that you perceive as still sleeping in a semi- Neanderthal state, quickly projecting blame towards this lot, remember all change starts with you. Don’t focus on what you have no control over, in fact, focusing on that actually keeps the status quo unchanged and in many cases gives it power. Try replacing judgement with compassion. What have you got to lose?

Our individualised souls are genderless, a perfect balance of all that is, and as we invoke connection to our higher selves the lines begin to blur. We become balanced beings of light expressing in this transient reality in our chosen vehicles. We become whole and loving and non-judgemental and supportive and compassionate to ALL LIFE, flora and fauna included. I have observed evidence of this in the younger generations that seem to be connected to the wholeness of their soul and are driven to express from this ‘complete’ place without an opinion from the world encroaching upon their expression. Some teens have candidly conveyed this to me as their sexuality has been questioned. For them it is something way beyond accepted sexual identification codes and therefore beyond the physical. They see the soul as an integral part of their experience with others and the sex is the last thing in that equation.

I celebrate the arrival of these souls, they are integral in breaking down an obsolete system that has truly passed it’s used by date.

Open your hearts, remove the shackles, allow yourself to feel, and dare to see others in their true light, regardless of how they may see themselves. We are not our bodies but so much more. Love never fails. Let’s bring it all back into balance and get on with living and loving without limitations.

Love and infinite blessings without expectation from a Piscean dreamer... ;)


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