If you can't see who you are, how will you ever see me?

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We are all so deeply entrenched in and reliant on this digital age that real human connection has sadly become a thing of the past or a precious rarity at best. Difficulty in looking into people’s eyes has gone past being a trait of those diagnosed with various degrees of Autism. Most people go through an entire day never truly connecting with others via these instruments we call eyes. To truly see another, the eyes hold the key to real connection. It’s no wonder movements like the Human Connection Movement, founded by my dear friend Igor Kreyman, has people flocking to their eye gazing events nationally and now globally. Strangers just rocking up to a park near you with one intent, to look into the eyes of another soul. One of the most unforgettable lines in the James Cameron film, Avatar, are the words, 'I see you' , these three little words are packed with power in a moment of soul recognition between the characters Jake and Neytiri.

We have an innate need to connect, to be seen for who we are in truth, yet we are afraid. I feel part of this fear comes from the fact that most people have forgotten who they are as they traverse a world that is designed to disconnect one from their eternal magnificence. So in saying that, one needs to find the courage to look into their own eyes before they are willing to let another do that.

So much has been written about the eyes being the window to the soul yet so few have dared to look into their own eyes. This is a very powerful, often confronting practice because the eyes don’t lie. Try it…Centre yourself in a dimly lit room with a mirror and look deep into your eyes/soul. What do you see? Fall into your own depth. Ask yourself a question, start with a simple one... ask yourself, are you happy? Watch how quickly the answer comes through. The eyes are truthful, every answer to every question can be found there.

As a little girl, I recall spending a lot of time staring into a mirror looking into my own eyes. The inner dialogue was always the same. Who are you? I was trying to connect with the eternal me. I was desperate to know the energy/consciousness fueling this vehicle. I knew I was more than this body. Of course I didn’t have the ability to express it as I do now but I knew nevertheless, which was obvious to my mother who was subjected to deep questions even she couldn’t answer at that time. I recall freaking myself out, as on numerous occasions, I entered into an altered state and was privy to a fast tracked montage of different faces, identities, different times, and different genders. I was left with a deep knowing that all these aspects were a part of me.I wasn't the bodies, or the experiences of these identities but an essence that was temporarily housed within each. This was the very beginning of my understanding of the souls journey.

When we look into our own eyes and subsequently the eyes of others we open up the possibility of great healing to take place. There is a huge difference between looking at someone and seeing them. For me, seeing them, means seeing past the identity they wear, seeing them means connecting with their soul and you can’t see their soul if you’re staring AT THEIR ASS OR THEIR ABS…lol (couldn't help myself) The eyes are where it’s at…I have witnessed the most cathartic moments with souls that have been seen for the first time during this incarnation and I can tell you nothing quite compares, as it’s in these moments that they realise, they are not their stories. Their story is just a small chapter in their soul book.

If we extend this practice to other species as well, our level of compassion and understanding goes to a whole other level and can potentially bring in the change that I know humanity is craving. It is a pure form of communication that needs no words. It transcends language barriers and has the power to unite us all. When we dare look into the eyes of another lifeform and truly connect with the essence residing within this form, the focus suddenly changes, our differences fade and we are left with all that makes us similar, all that connects us.

So find the courage to look into your eyes, reacquaint yourself with the energy driving this temporary body, ask for guidance, allow the wisdom accumulated over lifetimes to step forward, honour it. Make it your mission to look into the eyes of others. Allowing yourself to be seen, inspires others to show themselves and in these moments of truth is when we realise, we are all one…walking each other home.

Look into your eyes...then look into mine...xxx

"The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God see's me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love."

Meister Eckhart

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