Can We Be Less Human And More SOUL?

Light is a funny thing, most don't really think about it until it gets really dark. Sounds logical on the surface but if we're talking spirituality, light needs to be at the forefront of ones mind and heart, as a daily reference point.

In my experience, I've observed that most people reach out for connection to light and their divinity when all else fails and the darkness gets too much for them to handle. They start off very enthusiastic, swearing that they will never go back to an old way of being, that meditation will be a daily practice and they will honour their soul by taking time out each and every day for a few moments of solitude and communication with that eternal aspect of self.

At the start they stay on track, but almost always, after a period of feeling aligned, and that all is well in their world, they begin to slip up and this is the beginning of the downslide. It's a bit like the incredible reverence and gratitude we feel for the gift of life when someone close suddenly crosses over, 'life is so short', 'appreciate every moment', I've heard these phrases a million times at funerals and in most cases, even before the wreaths on the fresh grave have dried, life is once again taken for granted and not lived with the reverence it deserves.

I've often referred to the human experience as a challenge, especially when one is completely disconnected from the wholeness of their soul, the eternal aspect of who/what we are in truth. During my most challenging times, and they've been many in this lifetime alone, times when you slowly feel like you can't breathe, that its all too much, that the ugliness in the world is threatening to engulf you, one thing has always brought me back to my heart centred sacred place. That one thing involves breath, surrender and stillness that with discipline, always connects you to your eternal indestructible self. These simple cost free things cloak my 'humanness' with strength and the correct perspective to keep moving forward with inspiration to create the scenes in my movie that I will inevitably one day review when this is all over.. This method has never failed me and I encourage everyone that crosses my path to disconnect from the man-made noise of the world daily.

Meditation is indeed the only medication we need and it's free. Unfortunately it doesn't come in a pill and requires action (by action I mean making the time for this sacred service for self) with pure intent which goes hand in hand with taking responsibility for what we emit to the ocean of energy we are all swimming in.

There are many traits that we have come to accept as being human, but our humanness is only a tiny aspect of who we are, defining ourselves from this standpoint is so limiting and an excuse that sabotages our greatness. These are very special times we are living in, that have granted us access to our higher self and inadvertently the possibility of our highest potential coming through in all we create during this transient experience.

I guess what I'm saying here is, you don't need to wait till your last breath to travel into the tunnel of light that leads you to your higher self, the Universe has shifted in our favour during these auspicious times by giving us this opportunity whilst still in our physical vehicles. Why not access this upgrade and be the best version of yourself right here, right now. You won't lose any data during this upgrade, in fact quite the opposite,you will access data you didn't even know was there....;)

Next time you ask yourself, who am I, consider this...

I am a field of eternal energy that has been granted a transient experience of physicality. I vow to stay connected to the wholeness of my being residing in the higher dimensions, bringing through divine traits and wisdom as I traverse this life with the pure intent of adding light to this world and being love in action in everything I think, say, feel and do...

Guide me, Show me...And So It Is xxx

And as I always say...

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