Piscean Pure Intent

Pisces was born tired. It's little wonder that the Fish is a trifle spiritually fatigued, considering all he's seen throughout so many incarnations .. . all the power and the glory, the ugly and the beautiful, the horrifyingly unspeakable - and the ecstatically indescribable. It's exhausting. ― Linda Goodman

Another trip around the sun...another cycle filled with unlimited possibilities...

For as long as I can remember I was always deeply affected by any form of ugliness in the world. Many view Pisceans as the dreamers of the zodiac and in many ways we are. A lot of energy is invested in imagining a different world for all of us, regardless of colour, race, creed and species.

The term pure intent, which is used consistently in the parable, The Journey Home by Kryon has been at the forefront of my heart and mind over the last few years. As one continues on the path of awakening, pure intent is required and can only be consistent in our creations when one is absolutely present.

Presence is such a powerful state to be in and affects the micro and the macro reality we experience.

We are three months into 2018 and I've observed that a lack of presence is behind every malady occurring in the lives of people and inadvertently in the world. Why is this magical state such a struggle to maintain?

Presence allows one to see the bigger picture and the butterfly effect of their thoughts, words and actions. There are many still living in a 3D reality of power and control and knee jerk reactions where the victim archetype is driving the vehicle, these people are exactly where they need to be and clearly still require data from this frequency. There are others however, who have been on a path of self realisation and awakening but still struggling with this magical state of presence. I hate to break it to you, but Presence is not something you feel for twenty minutes whilst meditating with the sound of birds chirping and waterfalls, it's a state you maintain as you walk through the terrain of every day. Without this, you risk creating unnecessary dramas, often with those you love and more than likely, with those that challenge you. It's the land of misunderstanding and hurt. This perpetuates the same reality playing out over and over again.

Let's start with the way we communicate to those in our immediate matrix, Our family, friends, colleagues, clients, the random people we come across on a shopping trip. We'll leave the greater world out of this for now and in time we'll hopefully realise that these everyday relationships and energetic exchanges all have an effect on the greater reality we all experience.

Presence is power, authentic power and almost always guarantees that one's energetic field is strong and grounded. When one is in this state, it is evident in the way they communicate with those around them, even when the need to confront an uncomfortable situation arises.

Thoughts and words have power and when charged with energy from the lower end of the frequency spectrum can easily become psychic attack on the receiver, regardless of whether the receiver is present or remote. Here's a confronting truth that makes many squirm. Someone that is in alignment and present is conscious of what they send out in thought, word and action because they understand the effect it has on the whole and being a part of that whole will ultimately affect them too. This is what oneness means. The intent charging the words and thoughts is what is important and I've personally heard people try and convince themselves, after attacking others, that their intent was not bad or malicious. Let the receiver decide that, as energy doesn't lie, people do, often to themselves and once they've realised, a little too late, after, they've pulled the trigger.

Those that are energetically depleted, are unconscious of their energetic bankruptcy and will always communicate with attack, sometimes its loud and sometimes it’s soft but it’s always attack..gentleness is a trait often misconstrued as weakness but some of the most powerful achievers are masters of gentle flow, conscious communication and most importantly take responsibility for what they emit into this matrix...check your energetic field if you find yourself needing to attack others, conscious and unconscious attack is still attack and not on in 2018.

Let's step things up as we move deeper into this year and leave an imprint on this world of presence in action...

LV xxx

PS. Focus with one on one sessions this month is learning how to cultivate pure intent and presence and learning how to maintain this consistently. Email for bookings lenita@lenitavangellis.com

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