Don't insult your soul

I can't remember the last time I felt this wired. Sitting in my sacred space, I am overwhelmed with inspiration and joy on a cellular level, which for a period, appeared to have abandoned me, or is it the other way around?

Old club hits are blasting through my speakers as I look out of my office window and listen to the language of the trees as they sway to the beat of my music partnered by the ever so gentle Southerly that visits us regularly in my part of the world. I love this state of being, and it really is our divine birthright to feel this every single day, so why don't we?

Our inner state is what influences the perception of the world we experience and as such we must do everything in our power to protect it's integrity. This week alone, I've reminded quite a few that they experience the world the way they perceive it.

When we extend our energy out into the minefield of modern day society, especially social media, we are incessantly bombarded with information, every bit of it is energetically charged and although we like to believe we are in control of how this information affects us, a lot slips through our radar while we innocently scroll, and finds a cosy little space in our auric field. Now because most people are so distracted for the majority of their day, they don't realise when some thing has lodged itself in their space, (an energetic imprint, connection, attachment) and it's not until they start to feel out of sorts that they are alerted to something going on. Even then. many choose to ignore it. Sometimes it corrects itself in due course especially when someone has a daily spiritual practice and understands how to clear, detach etc., but occasionally it's not until things get pretty crappy that the penny drops and help is required. The most obvious sign is having thoughts that don't feel like yours.

We must be vigilant with what we align ourselves with, people, places and things. Discernment is our best friend and our greatest gift and clear discernment is only possible when one is connected to their divine self. All lines beneath this have a level of distortion.

I have a very deep intimate relationship with my heart, I trust it's intelligence more than anything and for the most part, never, ever, ignore it...sometimes I choose to sit with it's wisdom and not act, and I'm okay with that, especially knowing that this wisdom is patient and loving and certainly not concerned with man's idea of time.

The heart is truly the seat of the soul and the gateway to one's connection to their higher self. Love feels expansive and all inclusive, lack of love is constricting, suffocating and separating...know the difference and trust your inner wisdom.

Getting a grip on our thoughts is key, and a memory of a beautiful time in our lives can elevate our emotions and feelings ,taking us back to this state and correcting an imbalance. Sometimes though, it feels like this simple act is out of reach and often it's because distortion has infiltrated one's energetic field. I don't know how anyone is navigating these times without a daily spiritual practice. The good news is, there are a myriad of ways to practice ones connection to spirit, to your true self, your eternal self, whatever feels right for you, find it and just do it. Daily, like your life depends on it.

In the words of Sandy Stevenson,

The greatest gift of pure Spirit is the Love, Power and Wisdom of Source. This magnificent Three Fold Flame lies within us all. It is our connection to Source/ All That Is/ God or whatever you choose to call Divine Creation. This is the source of our perfect intuitive knowing, available to each of us in every moment. It is always present and it is us who choose

a) whether we are balanced enough to perceive it and

b) whether we wish to follow the Divine Flow or our own will (Thy Will or My Will).


When we stay in our heart for spiritual guidance

When we love all unconditionally

When we stop judging

When we follow our inner resonance

When we trust and have confidence in ourselves and what we know

When we are willing to perceive negative energy

When we quietly ignore everything that does not resonate as 100% truth deep inside

When we only follow that we know in our hearts to be highest truth

When we use wisdom instead of being naive

When we concentrate on a positive energy focus of Light and don't put our attention on negative energy and events

Let's love ourselves enough, to not align or engage with anything that threatens our connection to our pure divine self, let's not insult our's time to soar to greater heights on the wings of love...your body, your mind and your soul will thank you for it...

The Southerly outside my window brought me a message today.... Inspiration and joy are just a thought away, they didn't abandon you, you abandoned them.

Lenita x

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