Anyone that has met me or worked with me knows that I'm always waving the banner of meditation as the answer to pretty much every issue we face on this beautifully insane planet of ours. I've always maintained that meditation is a way of life, not something you set aside half an hour for. Having said that, those of us raised in Western society are not raised, taught or encouraged to just sit and be, observe, feel...In fact our world is designed to distract us from all the above, so therefore we must train ourselves through daily practice to sharpen our skills of expanded awareness, so that we can carry this forth in our everyday life, every experience, every interaction.

For a moment, imagine that you are not all here...a part of you is, and it has an identity, an avatar in a cosmic video game. Somewhere else exists the bigger part of yourself and it's holding the controls. For an Avatar to move in a video game there needs to be a controller and there needs to be a connection between the controller and the Avatar. Imagine that meditation is a charging station that strengthens the communication between your Avatar and your true self. Your true self exists in a realm without distortion, so there is much to gain in establishing a strong relationship with that part of yourself. The greatest insights and guidance come from that place.

It's really easy to fall into patterns that feel comfortable, that is, until it gets uncomfortable and life starts feeling like Groundhog Day. This is the exact time to begin changing the script...write in a new scene everyday to shake things up. The last couple of weeks that is precisely what I've done and a whole new world has opened up...

Today I stirred awake at 5:05am and buried myself under my doona in an attempt to sleep that little bit more. There was no chance of that happening since the incessant call of my higher self was in my ear, in all fairness, I did invoke that this part of myself takes command and because of the relationship I have established with this part of myself, I don't have to ask

The directive was clear and assertive...Get up, get dressed, reign up Ashtar and go for a walk, before the sun rises. My little human self battled a hundred reasons not to go but I know better than to argue with my wholeness, so I got my shit together, and with the company of my little furry soul mate headed out as the moon began to pull away...

Solitude and stillness is my best friend and it's in these moments that my communication with realms, unseen to many, is crystal clear. I walked purposefully breathing in the crisp morning air when the voice came through...

Walk as though this is your last day in this experience. Imagine that you have eight hours left on this planet before going home. Imagine that the video game is ending for you.

For a split second, I thought, WTF? Really? Did you drag my ass out so I can curl up and die under a suburban tree with the DNA of every canine in the neighbourhood? But before I allowed my mind to take me down a pathway leading nowhere, the voice came in louder and stronger.

Walk...Walk and expand your awareness as though it's the last time you will see, smell, feel and touch all that is before you...

I breathed, surrendering to this powerful directive, feeling it in every cell of my body, and in that instant I was overcome with electricity running through every vein, every artery, every muscle pumped with a feeling of acute aliveness. I could feel life force energy penetrating my skeletal system as the adrenalin pumped through every cell of my body and in this instant all my surroundings took on a different hue. I was absorbing everything in my awareness with an intense insatiability, hearing the faint ticking of a time bomb somewhere deep in the background.

This was gratitude on steroids...I exercise gratitude on a daily basis, I wake up grateful for another sunrise and go to sleep grateful for another sunset so this isn't some new concept, but walking and allowing myself to truly believe that this is the last time I will be able to experience the simplicity of a walk in my neighbourhood, activated a very powerful energetic surge in my body and I felt more alive in that moment than I ever have...maybe it was the Stanislavsky method acting classes that helped bring forth the intensity, and this in turn triggered the release of DMT in my system....whatever it was, it was beautifully awakening. ( If you don't know what DMT is, google it)

Now imagine living every single moment with that intensity, that awareness, where every blade of grass was art, every raindrop a tear from an separation from any element in this video game. The cynics will predictably ask, what drugs are you on? Natural DMT dear friends...access it, it's legal, it's free...;)

From this day forth I will treat my physical avatar to this download of energy and live as though I'm dying...because I are...we don't know when it's going to be GAME OVER...

Sending love and infinite blessings with a splash of


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