Discernment is a very personal tool that requires mastery on an individual level. It is directly linked with one's ability to feel the energy of a person, place, object, event and without labelling it as good or bad,

( that's a 3D construct, and we're all quantum now aren't we?) make a decision about whether one wants to align with it, or give it energy.

This has been an amazing process for me over the years and my intent in writing today is not to educate on what discernment is or isn't ,but rather, the experience of exercising discernment and trusting the guidance from your higher self . When you're in a place of unwavering trust the choices you make, can create interesting responses in those around you, especially when your perspective is the polar opposite of most.

If you are living in your heart space, which is a great location to be in during these accelerated times of evolution, you very quickly begin to access this thing called knowing. Knowing doesn't require an in depth analysis or tangible proof and often, may not even be something you can explain in words...you just know..how you know becomes irrelevant. Knowing is directly linked to ones data collection over their evolutionary journey and the insights received from ones connection to their highest aspect of self. Once the ego gets out of the way, the library of information is massive.This is why something may be perfectly fine for one person but to another, it's, "danger, danger Wil Robinson"...(sorry to any millenials, not familiar with the 1970's television series Lost in Space)

I've always been a little challenged by those close to me that ask my opinion or feeling about something. I'm well known for saying, what I think/feel doesn't matter, what matters is what you think/feel. That response is pretty much always received with an eye roll and many still push for a conversation. On those occasions, my body has an immediate reaction, as often ,I feel something that I know they may not want to hear. On the rare occasion that I actually go out on a limb to express my views, I'm asked why I feel what I feel and can I explain it? The answer is not always clear cut, being in a heart space doesn't require intellectualisation which frustrates many ,as their need to understand seems to be more important than what they are feeling. I decided to surrender my need to understand many things, a while ago, especially when truths are coming through via a multisensory, multidimensional pathway.

Oh and another thing...having a feeling about something that you implicitly trust, and expressing this in a neutral, unemotional way when ASKED to, is not projection! This is another word that is misunderstood and misused in Spiritual circles.

Now is the time to trust your own guidance. With a solid connection to your I Am Presence, the divine in you, you will always receive what you need in any given moment.

You can love someone, respect them and not align yourself with something they are doing, or believe in. Be aware of following others blindly just because of your perception of who they are. In the social media world, an idea, a belief system, can go viral within hours. Use your divine power of knowing and discern what infiltrates your feed. Fear is insidious and very much a 3D weapon of mass destruction.

Time to go quantum...

Stay tuned...Discourse coming soon...Mind is old...Feeling is where it's at..

MAY UNWAVERING TRUST BECOME THE NEW YOU...and in the words of Tom Kenyon and The Hathor Energy....The path of the initiate is to reach upward for the highest potential, regardless of what may or may not be happening around him or her....

Love, love, love, to you all!

LV xxx

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